SINCE 1988

Since 1988 we have been together with our clients and suppliers as a company dedicated to the manufacture of plastic injected products, such as fittings, wastewater treatment equipment, pvc accessories and various materials  for water channelling and drainage.

We have come a long way and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve from a company point of view and without any doubt whatsoever we are determined to carry on along the road to innovation and constant improvement, making every effort to meet our customers’ requirements.

The Matriplast past history can be summed up in the following points:

* The origin of Matriplast goes back to the year 1984 as a company dedicated to the manufacture of molds for plastic injection machines in Alicante.

* In 1988 it started manufacturing waste water treatment equipment.

* In 1990 Matriplast increased its die-stamping activities including its own manufacturing process of accessories for P.E. tubing that was presented in the BILBAO ENVIRONMENT fair. .

* The increase in its activities made an extension of its installations necessary and consequently in 1996 Matriplast relocated to a new large 10,000 m2 site in the Pla de la Vallonga Industrial Estate, one of the main business hubs in Alicante.

* From then on our activities have been carried out on this site, increasing machinery, staff and storage and logistics capacity. During these years AENOR and IQnet quality certifications have been awarded, which have demonstrated a constant quality business career.

* In Matriplast we maintain absolute control of the manufacturing processes of our products.



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